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Annual Insight is now A-INSIGHTS

Jeroen Lustig published on July 12, 2021

As of today, Annual Insight continues to write history under the name A-INSIGHTS and will help its clients to be in the know.

The name change comes as part of the company’s overall rebranding, following its rapid growth and further consolidation of services to deliver a continuous flow of industry insights.

A Insights v2 16-9

In a world awash with publicly available data, A-INSIGHTS is the advanced data-analysis company that distils insights from all this data to empower its clients – predominantly key decision makers in Food & Agri and Public & Health – in their strategic decision-making process.

The new brand positioning includes the introduction of the new brand claim: “Be in the know” and a distinctive visual brand identity. Co-founders Jeroen Lustig and Bart Zirschky; “Over the next few years, we will focus on expanding our business internationally. We want to step onto this bigger stage with a clear message: gut instinct no longer cuts it for key strategic decision making. Our clients benefit from always being in the know with our industry insights-as-a-service.”

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