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Restaurant Brands (QSR) - Developments 2020 Q4

Mathieu Geuskens published on March 9, 2021

In the final quarter, major QSR chains experience the negative effects of the second wave of the coronavirus. Sales recover in the US, Oceania and Japan, but reimposed regulations in Europe curb the global sales recovery in the fourth quarter. As was the case in previous quarters, European sales are impacted more heavily by government regulations, partially due to the lower level of drive-through penetration.
KFC is the notable exception to this in 2020Q4, as the chain manages to offset a 10% sales decline in mainland Europe with a 14% increase of sales in the UK. Compared to both McDonald’s and KFC, Burger King struggles to recover sales in the US. Despite this, all chains manage to limit the global sales decline to 8-9% over the course of the full year. Download our full QSR Q4 Update below.

QSR Q4 Update

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